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Nuri Anti-ammonia - 500g

Nuri Anti Ammonia is a natural mineral crushed to smaller size for use to remove ammonia in aquarium..

Rs. 300.00

Nuri Biocera - 500g

Nuri Biocera is a powerful bacteria house which is rich in tourmaline, which can adiate certain amou..

Rs. 500.00

Nuri Lava - 500g

Nuri Lava is natural lava rock crushed to a smaller size to enable use as filter media. A naturally ..

Rs. 300.00

Nuri Mech - 500g

Nuri Mech is made of high quality quartz powder which is stable in chemical composition after calcin..

Rs. 300.00

Ocean Free BioMatte - Green

Super Grade Green Matte Sponge for external filters, sumps, pond filters. ..

Rs. 350.00

Ocean Free BioSponge - Black

Super Grade 20"x20"x2" Black Sponge for external filters, sumps, pond filters. ..

Rs. 800.00