Nymphaea Sp "Red" | Red Lilly

Nymphaea Sp "Red" | Red Lilly

The water lily Nymphaea lotus 'Red'  can be found growing in its native habitat of tropical Africa in bodies of stagnant water ranging in size from lakes to small, temporary pools.  Though the plant will grow under low light, higher light values should be favored by the aquarist if the formation of floating leaves is to be avoided.

If these floating leaves do develop, however, it is often best to trim them before they get to the surface, since it will be difficult to discourage further foliage of this type once the plant knows where the surface is. Though a nutritious substrate is doubtlessly the most important factor in the successful cultivation of this plant, CO2 supplementation and the regular fertilization of both the substrate and the water column produces favorable results. 
Though this species can easily achieve large dimensions, it is not without a place in the aquascape. Young specimens possess superb contrast value in tanks that include primarily green plants, and larger plants make wonderful centerpieces if they are placed well and trimmed regularly.

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Family: Nymphaeaceae
Genus: Nymphaea
Region: West Afruca
Light Needs: Medium
Size: Height: 20-80cms
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Mid Ground/ Solitary specimen

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